The DHA Lab serves as an incubator for projects exploring the intersectionality of digital humanities and archives, broadly interpreted. We support graduate students, activists, and historians re-examining cultures and materials through a digital lens. We are volunteer-run and always looking for contributors and collaborators!

Archiving Occupy

Archiving Occupy Social Activism

tracking Occupy in time and space, in all media

Drips Gallery

Drips Gallery Art

graffiti art saved in a digital archive

Exploring Zines

Exploring Zines Print Culture, Art

ethical digital explorations of underground print


Menus Print Culture, Food

exploring culture and immigration through menus

Living Wage Project

Living Wage Project Social Activism

documenting the fight for living wages


Seafarers Social Activism

gathering oral histories of merchant marines

Don Quixote

Don Quixote Print Culture

interacting with 400 years of texts

Civil Rights

Civil Rights Social Activism, History

northern civil rights activism narratives