Exploring Zines: Print Culture + Digital Humanities

Zine Collections

  • Queens College Zine Collection

    The Queens College Zine Collection is comprised of acquisitions made over the years to allow students the opportunity to research and delve into underground print culture. The collection covers a wide range of subjects and includes zines printed from 1986 to the present.

  • The Shouting Shorelines Zine Collection

    The Shouting Shorelines Zine Collection is a Long Island-based collection that has been passed down through various DIY collectives. A large portion of the collection originated with the Freespace collective which existed in the early to mid-2000s. After sitting, orphaned in a decaying punk house the zines were dusted off and organized by the Shouting Shorelines Collective in 2011. More zines were added to the collection from donations from members of the local DIY community. The collection holds 178 unique zines that span numerous genres, formats, and subjects from the 1980’s to mid-2000s.

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